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Writing Literature Reviews: Literature Reviews

Resources for getting started on writing a literature review

Selected Resources

About the Literature Review

Literature Reviews: An Overview for Graduate Students

We have highlighted some sections which may be of particular interest.

  • Research is about telling a story -- a professor's perspective (2:12 - 3:08)
  • Different types of literature review -- e.g. in a thesis or dissertation (3:48 - 4:13)
  • So what's involved in reviewing the literature? (7:00 - 8:46)

* produced by NC State University Libraries (~10 minutes)


Locating an in-depth review related to your topic of interest, can be a good first step to finding relevant information.  Look for literature reviews limiters in various databases. Note that in some search tools reviews refer to book reviews and not literature reviews. e.g. in JSTOR

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