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Using LibWizard: LibWizard Overview

LibWizard Information

LibWizard is a Springshare product that allows us to create quizzes, surveys, tutorials, and forms. The Library subscribes to LibWizard.

LibWizard Login

Current LibWizard Accounts

The following individuals have LibWizard accounts through the UC Merced Library.

1) Joe Ameen

2) Sara Davidson Squibb

3) Lindsay Davis

4) Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco

5) Elizabeth Salmon

LibWizard Use Notes

Creating Tutorials in LibWizard

To create a tutorial, go to the Tutorials & Assessments page.

To create a "Welcome Screen":

  • Click on the green box that says "Click to edit 'Welcome Screen'"
  • You can add text / images / instructions, etc. Users will see this page before they start the tutorial.

To create the body of your tutorial:

  • Select "Create new"
  • Select "Blank slate" OR a tutorial that you would like to use as a template
  • Select "Tutorial Embedded in a Webpage" OR "Standalone Tutorial" ("Standalone Tutorial" is recommended)
  • Add NameFriendly URL, and Description. These can be edited later. Click "Create."
  • You will see the LibWizard Workpad. To get started, click "Add the first slide."
  • On the righthand side, you can choose to add a LibGuide link, a website link, an image, pdf, embedded media item, or custom content. This is what users will see on most of the page. Click "Save."
  • On the lefthand side, click the dropdown under "Add Content / Descriptions." You can choose question types, or select "Text box" to add information. This is what users will see on the lefthand pane. Make your selections and click "Save."

Note: If you would like to collect user email addresses / names in the tutorial's report, include the "Submitter Email" question at some point in the tutorial.

IMPORTANT: If you are creating a GOTS-style tutorial, only include info / questions for one section. If you would like to use the same page (e.g., a search record screen) for a few steps, DON'T CREATE A NEW SLIDE. Instead, Add a "Question Page Break" and then add additional content / question(s).You need to create a new slide every time you want to display a different screen.

  • When you are ready to add a new slide, click "+ Add slide." Do this until your tutorial is completed.

To create a "Thank You Screen":

  • Click where it says "Click to edit 'Thank You Screen'"
  • You can add a message thanking patrons for completing your tutorial.

IMPORTANT: If you would like users to be able to email themselves their results, check the box that says "Email the user the results of the tutorial / assessment" (see below)

NOTE: Emails entered in this section will NOT be included in Reports, so if you'd like to collect this information, add an email question elsewhere in the tutorial.

Opening LibWizard

The trial version of LibWizard is available through our SpringShare account until the end of April, 2018. To get to it, open any of our SpringShare products (e.g., LibGuides) and select "LibWizard" from the dropdown menu. (see below)


What You Can Create With LibWizard

LibWizard allows you to create 4 different types of materials:

Tutorials are similar to GOTS tutorials.