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Legal Research: Shepardize in Nexis Uni

Shepardize a Case

Shepardize a case easily through Nexis Uni.  When you shepardize a case, you will find "citing decisions" that refer to the original case.  Those appeals may affirm, question, or overturn the original case.

  • Access Nexis Uni.
  • Select Cases.
  • Select Federal Cases or State Cases.
  • Add your search terms such as the title of the case OR keywords describing the case, people in the case etc.
  • Click "Search".
  • Click the title of the case.
  • Click "Shepardize this document", found at the right.

Note: You may also search for a case through "Get a Doc Assistance" link found under the main search box.

Work with Your Shepardized Results


After clicking "Shepardize this document", you can narrow/filter in a variety of ways:

by Analysis

  • caution
  • positive
  • neutral
  • "cited by"

by Publication Status

  • reported
  • unreported

by Court

  •  Federal
  •  State

and more specific courts within each of these

by Discussion (aka Depth of Discussion Indicator)

  • Analyzed: fully considers the cited reference
  • Discussed: discusses with some analysis
  • Mentioned: mentioned briefly
  • Cited: cited but minimal if any discussion

by Date

  • via arrows on graph or inserting dates in boxes

(NOTE: Though visible, we do not have the narrow by Headnotes feature.)


You can sort your results in four ways.  The default sort is by Court. 

  • Court
  • Analysis
  • Discussion (depth of discussion)
  • Date

sort screen shot in Nexis Uni



Cases & Indicators

When you retrieve cases in Nexis Uni, the case will have one of seven possible Signal Indicators (icon) right before the title.  The icon indicates how citing cases refer to the case.

Signal Indicators:

  • Warning: Negative treatment is indicated for statute
  • Warning: Negative treatment is indicated
  • Question: Validity questioned by citing refs
  • Caution: Possible negative treatment indicated
  • Positive treatment indicated
  • Citing reference with analysis available
  • Citation information available

nexis uni indicators

Library Instructor

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Case Citations

About Case Citations

  • Volume, reporter designation, page number
  • They may differ across reporters. 
  • Citations may reference more than one reporter.


The official reporter is the United States Reports (US).   Two unofficial, parallel reporters are the

  • Supreme Court Reporter (S.CT) 
  • United States Supreme Court Reports Lawyers' Edition (L. Ed. or L.Ed.2nd).

List of Reporters with descriptions