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Fashion in Fiction: research on the topic of fashion in literature from the 1920s and 1930s

Search Tips

" " quotation marks to search for a phrase e.g. "fashion in fiction"

* to look for end variation on a word e.g. feminin* for feminine and femininity

AND to join dissimilar term e.g. identity AND clothing

OR to join similar terms e.g. fashion OR clothing OR dress OR garment

Scan bibliographies.  See "Find an Article" tab for information on known item searching.

Searching in a Specific Time Period

  • Most date limiters are publication dates (not the date of the subject matter).
  • Subject headings may include date information though it may not be granular e.g. 20th century.
  • Identify the author, specific piece of literature, or specific character as an effective way to target a date.
  • Use terminology such as twenties / thirties / "twentieth century" / "20th century" / modernity to narrow a search to a time frame.
  • Sometimes (but rarely) a database will have a date limiter by time period of the content (not just by publication date).
  • If searching a collection of primary documents, you may want to use the data limiter for the period you are investigating.


Humanities Databases

Literature Databases

Women's Studies

These databases include mostly primary texts so searching by date of publication can be a suitable strategy.  Some of these resources also require capitalizing the Boolean operators you use.  e.g. fashion OR clothing OR dress

Film Databases

Reference Resources

Need some basic background information on a person or concept?  Try searching in a reference resource for terminology and short explanations from specialized encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks.

WorldCat Identities

Find out more about an individual's publishing history.  Search for the author or a title by the author.  Click on a title.  Scroll down and look for "More information about ..." and click Go.  Hover over graph.

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