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History 191 (Torres-Rouff): Intro

Capstone Seminar


By the end of this session, you will

  • have a greater understanding of the organization of information and available search tools.
  • navigate and search the library's website to locate resources.
  • find known items based on citation information.

Access Library Resources from Off Campus

The VPN allows you to connect to the library's online articles and eBooks from off campus.


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Question 1

Think of a semester when you used interlibrary loan the most. How often did you use the service?
Weekly: 1 votes (3.33%)
Biweekly: 2 votes (6.67%)
Monthly: 2 votes (6.67%)
Occassionally: 13 votes (43.33%)
I haven't used ILL.: 12 votes (40%)
Total Votes: 30

Question 2

How familiar are you with using Melvyl?
Very familiar: 8 votes (28.57%)
Somewhat familiar: 11 votes (39.29%)
A little familiar: 6 votes (21.43%)
Not at all familiar: 3 votes (10.71%)
Total Votes: 28

Question 3

How confident are you that you could accurately determine if UC Merced had this article? Yeo, Cedric A. "The Founding and Function of Roman Colonies." The Classical World. 52.4 (1959): 104-130.
Very confident: 2 votes (6.67%)
Quite confident: 13 votes (43.33%)
Somewhat confident: 13 votes (43.33%)
Not very confident: 2 votes (6.67%)
Total Votes: 30

Library Instructor

Sara Davidson Squibb's picture
Sara Davidson Squibb
Library Office 275D

Accessing Full-Text

In many databases, full-text may be immediately available via a pdf or html page. 

If full-text is not directly available, look for the UC-eLinks button to check for full-text elsewhere OR to request through Interlibrary Loan.  Your UCMnetID functions as your library card number on the Request screen. 

If you have a citation and/or the UC-eLinks button is not available, use the appropriate Request form (#3) on the Interlibrary Loan page.