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English 190 (Brokaw): Research Process

Senior thesis research guide

Question 1

Which aspect of the research process do you find most challenging?
A. Developing my topic: 7 votes (33.33%)
B. Locating good resources: 6 votes (28.57%)
C. Determining if information is credible: 0 votes (0%)
D. Managing my sources and citations: 4 votes (19.05%)
E. Assessing when I have enough research to start writing: 4 votes (19.05%)
Total Votes: 21

Stages of the Research Process

stages of research process

Question 2

Which strategy do you use the most (or find most useful) when researching?
A. Locating a good database: 6 votes (27.27%)
B. Starting with a single resource and finding other good resources from there: 11 votes (50%)
C. Using subject headings in databases: 4 votes (18.18%)
D. Going to Google: 0 votes (0%)
E. Finding a bibliography on a my subject: 1 votes (4.55%)
Total Votes: 22

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