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Citing Sources: Mendeley

Citation styles and tools for citing sources/managing citations

Mendeley Fast Facts

Mendeley is a free citation manager that can read, organize, & cite all of your sources. It also has tools to help you connect to other researchers; store, share, & cite datasets; & search for STEM jobs. It is available through major web browsers; as a standalone program compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux; and as an Android or iOS app. With Mendeley, you can:

  • Create an account to organize & sort your sources, annotate documents, & cite as you write.
  • Use the Citation Plugin with Word, including Word for Mac & LibreOffice
  • Create citations in 1,000+ citation styles
  • Use the Web Importer, which is available for all major web browsers, to import papers, webpages, & other documents from websites & databases
  • Easily sync web & desktop versions
  • Store up to 2GB of documents for free