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Library Research Introduction: Find an Article

Database Searching

When you search in a database, it's a good idea to use keywords and Boolean Operators (the words AND, OR, & NOT). There is more information on this page about putting together search terms to find what you need.

Why search in library databases?

The deep web includes databases you can only access with permission (like the databases you can access as a student at UC Merced) and fee-based websites. This video explores why you may want to use them. (Length: ~2:31)

Question: What are some searches that may require you to use the deep web? What are some searches you may be able to answer without the deep web?

How Should I Search in a Database? (NEIU Library)

Learn the basics of Boolean (AND / OR / NOT) and keyword searching. (Length: ~1:25)

Question: How can you decide what keywords will work best in your search?

Searching in Academic Search Complete

Learn how to access and search Academic Search Complete, a database with a wide range of materials on many topics. (Length: ~2:00min)

Question: How can you use Academic Search Complete?