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Library Research Introduction: Starting Your Research

Starting Your Research

Start your research by finding databases on the Library's website.

Should I Be Using Google or the Library? (NEIU Library)

In this video, explore some of the advantages to using library resources instead of more general online search engines. (Length: ~1:37)

Question: How can library resources simplify your search?

What Are the Library Databases and Which One Should I Use? (NEIU Library)

Library databases can help you find good information to use in your research. This video will give you taste of different sorts of databases. (Length: ~1:21)

Question: Can you find everything you need in one place?

Finding Databases

How to find databases at UC Merced. Learn to search for databases and narrow down by database subject area, full-text availability, etc. (Length: ~1:00)

Question: What databases look the most helpful to you?